This test is designed to assess your anti-personality. The anti-personality is a partially sub-conscious element of your psyche that governs many of your long-term desires, and ultimately has a significant impact on the big decisions and direction you take in life. This might be the voice that tells you to stay in bed, or the one that makes you get up.

Version 2.0 adds significant accuracy through scoring calibration and question equalisation resulting in increased inefficacy.

Please work as hard as possible throughout these questions to allow yourself NOT to try and think. Ideally your anti-personality will come forth.
No data is collected or stored apart from basic google analytics.

Hello, how are you today?

I’m in controlI’m somewhere in the backgroundI’ve been drifting in and outI’m getting in the wayI am not here

What’s the way to get involved?

Take part casuallyDiscover yourselfFriendshipJump right inMind the gap

Which of these words stands out?


How do you look at life?




When the time comes, I WILL

Join the movementRun awayGo straight into battleConscientiously objectEnd it


Loud and abrasiveQuiet and softQuiet and abrasiveLoud and softSomewhere in between

Picture yourself in ten years time

Pleased with what you’ve achievedDisappointed in yourselfGlad that you’re still goingGenerally OK with the whole thingDisgusted

With time comes



End of test.
Calculating your result. This may take a few minutes.
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You understand the problem. You see the cracks in reality and you want to crawl into them. You see things that other people don’t notice. You are well positioned to make a change in this world. Use your potential to make a real difference. Your anger is a gift.


You are understandably disconnected from the world around you. Things are in a bad way and it’s hard to engage and see the reality of what’s happening, but it might be time for you to be part of your own reality. Sometimes not caring as much as others can be useful.


Humour is one way to deal with things. By keeping yourself at arms length you do a good job of engaging without becoming another victim. Satire is powerful, use it to full effect and you will be pleased with the outcome—but remember that some things require a serious approach.


You need to find a way to move forwards, otherwise you will never change. There are too many desires that you are keeping locked away. The world around you is closing in and you need to push back. Remember what you wanted and make it happen. It is never too late. You are more powerful than you think.


Sometimes it is not OK to be OK. This is one of them. Comfort is all around you and you are all too happy to be embraced by it. The easy life is a trick! You need to refocus and think about what you really want to achieve. You are at risk of becoming completely blind to the intentions of those with power over you. Proceed boldly, but with caution!